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#1: Please help me identify this song.

Posted on 2005-06-26 03:59:04 by XianZomby


I got this snippit off the internet. I have a low-res MP3 sample posted on
my site. It is on my website here:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

If you could listen and tell me what the song is, I would appreciate it. I
recorded it probably in 2001 off some streaming audio, I think it was
digitally imported or something. I had it ona mini-disc and have kept it
for that long, becasue I like it but have know idea what it is.



it's: <a href="mailto:xian-zee-omby&#64;" target="_blank">xian-zee-omby&#64;</a>

of course, take out the hyphen,&quot;zee&quot;, hyphen to make the e-mail address.


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