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#1: Media Related Information for Artists, DJs, Producers, and everyone in between.

Posted on 2005-06-04 07:50:59 by Brent Csutoras


My name is Brent Csutoras and I am a freelance journalist covering
electronic music, Hip Hop and the culture that surrounds it. I am
making this post to open the possibility to communicate with artists,
DJs, Producers, Graff Writers, BBoys, etc etc, to find articles for
the magazines I write for.

I have been writing for about 5 years freelance for BPM Magazine,
XLR8R Magazine, and Movement Magazine. I send my material directly to
the Editors of these magazines and have been published through them
numerous times.

If you are interested in or think you know someone I should look at
more closely, contact me at <a href="mailto:csutoras&#64;" target="_blank">csutoras&#64;</a> or:

Submit any materials to:

Brent Csutoras
PSC 78 Box 4308
APO AP 96326

When you contact me please include important information as Bio,
Contact info, Any published articles pertaining to the event or
artist, sample materials, and any other information you think might be

I will review materials I receive and if I think I can make an article
or use you for a magazine then I will contact you and move on from

Movement Magazine allows me the creative ability to work on separate
promotional ideas. If you are an artist will a release or material
about to be released and would like to possible work on some form of
promotional event that would give out pre-release or released
materials to Movement readers in exchange for a possible article and
in some cases contest, then contact me for further discussion. If you
are an artist in any other form and would like to work with something
similar, also contact me for further discussion.

Thank you
Brent Csutoras

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