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#1: Of course he's my DJ

Posted on 2005-06-04 01:55:16 by Hiram Abiff

<a href="" target="_blank"> ku=os035</a>

Who else could fill those shoes?

os035 - [ Manticore ] - 3ee EP
The critically-acclaimed, award-winning creation of the downbeat wunderkind
Roman Wojciechowski, [ Manticore ] is more than merely another flavour of the
week, here tomorrow, gone the next day, all in the time it took you to fully
digest a caviar canapé. For the first time in the history of humankind, music
tailored exclusively to the elitist needs of the snooty neo-bohemian
chardonnay-sipping loft-dwelling nu-lounge jet set! Buttery-smooth beats
laced with silky-soft velvety melodies, combining for an irresistibly chilly
yet infectiously groovy downtempo tunage, readymade for sipping an overpriced
mocha latte while discussing how passé electroclash has become with your
uppercrust “it” crowd New York artschool snob acquaintances!
funky, fresh, dope, fly - call it as you wish, just as long as it’s anything
other than “emotronic”! [ Manticore ] – it’s not just a brand, it’s a

My mama was the cold north wind,
My daddy was the sun,
Of a railroad man from west of hell,
Where the trains don’t even run...

You need to BeDoper
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