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#1: OT - Long John Baldry ill

Posted on 2005-04-22 01:07:44 by hepkatreetaroonie

It appears thatt someone's been laying some boogie-woogie on the King
of Rock and Roll. Hope he makes it.

<a href=";method=full&amp;siteid=94762&amp;headline=rod-s-heartbreak-over-blues-legend-name_page.html" target="_blank">;method =full&amp;siteid=94762&amp;headline=rod-s-heartbreak-over-bl ues-legend-name_page.html</a>

------------------------------------------------------------ --
&quot;If the gods wanted us to twist our spines about
while we played guitar, they would have given us
rubber bands rather than vertebrae. And then where
would humanity be? Propelling cornflakes box
submarines in some alien bathtub in an ungodly
time dimension where the music of the spheres
consisted of Kenny G.&quot;
------------------------------------------------------------ --

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