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#1: Brand New 100% DUBROOM Production (mp3): JAH Roots - Damazing DUB Plate (WWW Edi

Posted on 2005-01-09 17:52:43 by dub

Presenting a brand new free mp3 from the Dubroom House band JAH Roots.

This 100% production is a special livication to DAMAZING
PROJECTS in Leeuwarden (Frl).

A better version will be released on vinyl. But since this will be
really hard-to-get for the online Massive, we released this special
"Dub You, Dub You, Dub You" edition in mp3 format for your conscious

The music as well as the mix are manual one-take recordings.

There's no cutting and pasting, no programming, none of that. The
computer is only used to record and play seperate tracks from and to
the multitrack recorder.

The music is played by real musicians on real instruments, and the dub
is mixed by a real engineer on a real mixing board.

Although the recording is done digitally, for the rest the music is
created in exact the same way as the music we love so much, Jamaican
Studio Reggae from the 1970's, early 1980's.

The band played the riddim into the multitrack, and that recording is
mixed into the DUB you hear. On top of that DUB two vocal takes are
recorded, of which you hear fragments in the final mix.

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