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#1: Problem with Marshall SE100 Speaker Emulator

Posted on 2003-08-01 23:38:49 by Martin Wiesner

(xpost alt.guitar.amps / de.rec.musik.machen,
f'up2 alt.guitar.amps - sorry for the english posting in de.*

Hello. I hope this is the right group for my problem.

Just got a SE100, which seems not to work. The green "signal" LED
just does not glow. The unit is correctly wired to my Marshall
2210 Top and my 1960 4x12" cabinet. Anybody has experiences with
the SE100? I cannot see any broken or burned parts. Soldering
seems to be ok. (couldn't check the back PBC so far - need to
drill out the XLR jack. It's riveted [correct spelling?] to the
back panel. What a nasty idea to do so.)

But I cannot hear anything from the cabinet/headphones. Damn!
Also, the power resistors do not get warm. Where might be the
defect? As far is I understand the circutry, the attenuator part
is just some passive components, so there _should_ be some sound
from the speaker even if the green LED circutry was defective.

Thanks for any hint,


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