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#1: Album Review - Trent Dabbs - What's Golden Above Ground

Posted on 2006-07-10 14:13:53 by John Metzger

Album Review - Trent Dabbs - What's Golden Above Ground

By Tracy M. Rogers

What's Golden above Ground, the second album by Trent Dabbs, is a
hit-and-miss collection. Musically, the set finds the Nashville-based
singer-songwriter vacillating among mellow piano pop, dance and
electronica rhythms, acoustic guitar-driven rock, and Beatles-inspired
melodiousness. Lyrically, Dabbs' writing is rife with imagery and
romantic inclinations, but, at times, his choice of words becomes overly
repetitive, thus weighing down his pop-imbued material.

This is an excerpt. To read the complete review, please visit:

<a href="" target="_blank"> goldenaboveground.html</a>

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