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#1: Your opinion please

Posted on 2004-12-11 00:36:06 by vaagbekenduhtochzekerwelnietjatochofnietdan


I just put a new site online! The name of the site is SaPPieDance - Your
Guide in the world of Dance Music! and can be found at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
! Now I am curious what people think from it! Is the site complete or do you
miss something? Do you like the lay-out or not? and other that kind of
things! On the website you can find everything Dance-music related.
Musicstyles like Dance, house , club, techno, trance, hardcore, drum'nbass
and variants! You find a eventcalender, a forum, partypictures, mixes /
demos, weblinks and much much more! Check it out! Become a free member for
extra features! Then you will have the possibility to add your mix, add
partypictures, post in the forum, add a link and much more! Have fun and
keep the partyspirit alive!

thnx allready!

friendly greetings,
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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